New Mexico INBRE Summer Experience (NISE) – Application Open

The NISE programs offer different options for undergraduate students to get summer research experience and training.  The summer work experience will conclude in a presentation of results at a research symposium, held during the first week of August. 

1. NISE-Prep:* The goal is to allow undergraduate students without laboratory experience, to work in a research laboratory for the summer at the students’ home institution. The ideal participating student is entering their sophomore or junior year, interested in learning more about careers in biomedical research, and has not previously worked in a research lab. Faculty mentors will provide research-related guidance to their student mentees. Students will develop skills to move into a biomedical research career. 

2. NISE-Bootcamp:** The goal is to increase student understanding of biomedical research and enhance their career development through a mixture of laboratory experiences and lecture-based activities on the New Mexico State University (NMSU) campus. Students between Sophomore and Junior Year (or those expecting to be 2 academic years away from a BS/BA degree) with little to no research experience will work with researchers at NMSU, including workshops to develop bench and college-success skills. NISE-Bootcamp will provide students with an authentic research experience to prepare them to pursue a career in science. NISE bootcamp will help students move from an academic understanding of science to hands-on experience with research techniques and concepts. An important expected outcome of this program is having students apply for and conduct mentored research internships the summer after they participate in Bootcamp. Apply Now!

3. NISE-Internship:*** The goal is to enhance student research skills and prepare participants for graduate education in biomedical research and/or health research careers. Students, ideally between their Junior and Senior Year (or those entering their final/senior year as an undergraduate), planning to apply to graduate school in biomedical/behavioral sciences in the next year with research experience will be matched with NMSU or University of New Mexico (UNM) faculty to conduct independent biomedical research projects at NMSU or UNM. NISE-internship will help students identify appropriate graduate programs, and gain the application skills to make them competitive for entry into advanced degrees. An important and expected outcome is for students to apply to biomedical or behavioral graduate programs during the academic year following their NISE Internship. Apply Now!

Deadline extended to April 16, 2021!

Download the brochure and flyer for more information.

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